• EAC built equipment with safety and reliability in mind
  • 2 years warranty on all equipment
  • EAC built equipment with safety and reliability in mind
  • 2 years warranty on all equipment

EAC 2.5'' Handle 100LBS TOP30 RANKING LIST

EAC 2.5'' Handle 100LBS TOP30 RANKING LIST



No 1     Misel Jeddore
LumberJacked / Canada     101.1lbs     73.5S    
*Challenger* 65S +  
No 2     Hector Beltran
Hermosillo/Mexico     105lbs     69S 
No 3     Henry Mullett
Melbourne/Australia     102.7lbs     68S
*GrandMaster* 60S ~ 65S
No 4     Gord Squire
Calgary/Canada     101lbs     62S
*Master* 55S ~ 60S
No 5     William Brenon Moors
FortWorth/USA      100lbs     58S
No 6     Alan Guerra
Monterrey/Mexico     100.4lbs     57S
No 7     Ward Drake
Hartner/Canada     100.6lbs     56S
No 7     Regis Poulin
Sherbrooke/Quebec     100lbs     56S
*Diamond* 50S ~ 55S
No 9     Jonny Jarrett
Bellevue/Ohio     104lbs     5S
No 9     Jeff Miller
Vegreville/Canada     100lbs     51S
No 11     Zhao Zi Rui    
Qin Huangdao/China     100lbs     51S 
No 12     Ryan Roy Espey    
Portage/Canada     100lbs     50.5S 
No 13     Jay Cameron Hagen
Peace River/Alberta     109.2lbs     49S
No 13     Ceps Weston Domingo
Melbourne/Australia     103.84lbs     49S
No 15     Justin Pagadato      
Landmark/Canada     100lbs     47.5S 
No 16     Brian Sitton  
Fort Worth/USA      100lbs     47S
No 16     Martin Laplante   
TingWick/Quebec     101.4lbs     47S  
No 18     Belmin Bratic
Bosanska Otoka/Bosnia and Herzegovina     105.7lbs     42.5S
No 19     Chuck Ryder
Chapin/USA     100.2lbs     38.5S
No 20     Peter Berg                                              
Grunthal/Canada     100.4lbs     38S
No 21     Martin Langlois  
Kimberley/Canada     103lbs     37.5S
No 22     Clark Knoblauch
Slatington/USA     100lbs     30.5S
No 23     Ezreal Lee
BC/Manitoba     100lbs     22.5S
No 24     Billy Berg

Grunthal/Manitoba     102lbs     15S



1 – Show the weight. If the plates add up to 100 or more that’s great. If you are using unconventional weight, then it must be shown on a scale of some sort adding up to 100lbs or greater.
2 – Show the handle. If you have the 6cm Ezreal handle, then you automatically qualify. If you are using a different handle the measurement must be shown to ensure it is at least similar in diameter.
3 – Show that the handle spins freely if you are using a handle that is not the 6cm Ezreal handle.
4 – GRIP! You cannot cup (thumb next to your hand) or obstruct either end of the handle but must grip as if you are grabbing a dumbbell.
5 – Chalk. Chalk can be used, but NOT rosin or any sticky substance (climbing related products for example).
6 – Process... full body shot in the video and all future videos must show the initial taking of the grip, and the handle being released at the end. There is no rule as to what to do with the arm that is not in use.
------Ryan Roy Espey

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