5 Ways to cut weight while exercising

5 Ways to cut weight while exercising

Cutting While Exercising

Cutting is an increasingly popular technique. Essentially, it's a fat-loss phase that bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use to become leaner. Typically, it involves a weight loss diet to maintain as much muscle as possible while cutting out fat.

Dieting while exercising can be confusing, with so many different questions for example;

- What I should be eating to cut weight?
- When is the best time of day to eat?
- What type of food should I eat?

Cutting can quite honestly get very confusing. In this blog, we'd like to discuss our view on the 5 best ways to reach your fitness goals of cutting weight while exercising.

The Top 5 Ways to Cut Weight While Exercising 

1. Cardio

What kinds of cardio should I do to cut weight?

Our suggestions for cardio exercises are walking, jogging, running, cycling, hiking, boxing, and swimming.

Some gym equipment that is an excellent form of cardio includes the treadmill, stair climber, air rower, stationary bike and elliptical. 

2. WATER, lots of water!

Why is drinking water while cutting so important?

In general, it's already so important to drink water day today. Drinking water maintains your body temperature, moistens the tissues in your mouth, nose and eyes, protects organs, stabilizes your heartbeat, normalizes blood pressure, carries your nutrients to your oxygen cells, lubricates your joints and lessens the burden on your kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products. (trusted source)

But why is it even more important to drink water when we exercise?

It turns out sweat forms on your skin to remove heat from your body which causes you to lose body fluid. This means we need to drink more water to replace the lost fluids. By drinking water while exercising, you'll reduce the risk of heat stress and dehydration and therefore be able to maintain higher performance levels.

3. Eat clean

Why is clean eating an important part of cutting?

Depending on your fitness goals, you may track how much you eat to cut based on your personal diet preferences. Or maybe you are taking part in a specific diet or fasting to spread your meals throughout the day.
If you're confused about what clean eating is, the best way to think about it is to eat whole foods no matter your current diet.

Tip* Eat less added sugar, less salt, less fast food and less processed food.
A cutting diet is tailored differently to each person and requires you to determine your personal nutritional needs.

4. Get your rest.

Why should I take rest days from working out?

It is still important to have regular rest days if you're trying to cut. Your body needs rest days for muscles repair. Without muscle repair, you cannot rebuild and grow your muscles.

According to Healthline, "rest allows your muscles to rebuild and grow. When you have more power, you'll burn more calories at rest. That's because muscle burns more energy than fat." (trusted source).

Overall, being well-rested will help you stick to your exercise routine and keep you well rested for the next day.

5. Be consistent 

Why is being consistent in fitness so important?

Whether you're focusing on a specific diet or just getting some extra cardio into your routine, we can't stress enough that consistency is critical. It takes time to see results. You can't work at something for a week and expect to see results. Even after you achieve your results you have to continue to maintain them.

If you're someone that struggles with being consistent, get someone to help hold you accountable to your fitness goals.



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