Our Sport

The Sport of Armwrestling

Arm wrestling matches started back in 1952. The sport has evolved into a league called The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF), has been the universally recognized global governing body for professional arm wrestling and comprises 80 member countries. At Ezreal Armwrestling Club, we take our sport seriously. We crafted the ideal excellent quality Armwrestling table.

Why Armwrestling

Our very own CEO and founder of Ezreal Armwreslting Club was once a professional arm wrestler himself. Along with his passion for arm wrestling, Ezreal noticed a gap in the market... there was nowhere for him to purchase a good quality professional table at a reasonable price. Therefore he established EAC. If you buy our products locally, feel free to stop by our office and ask for Ezreal, he's always up for a pull with anyone!

Increasing Popularity 

According to an article from the New York Times, "The popularity of the sport has been growing ever since, attracting a burst of fans and corporate sponsors. Many of the game's top "pullers," as arm wrestlers are called, now train with the urgency of Olympic athletes for tournaments that can net them tens of thousands of dollars in a single day." (NYT, 2016)


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