Conducting yourself in Arm Wrestling

Conducting yourself in Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts of the Arm Wrestling Table

Arm wrestling is a unique and exciting sport that combines strength and strategy. Understanding the unwritten rules of etiquette is important, whether you're a seasoned competitor or a beginner. Explore arm wrestling and learn the essential guidelines for becoming a respected and honorable competitor.


Arm wrestling, a widely popular sport with ancient origins, has unspoken regulations that all participants must follow. These regulations guarantee fairness, safety, and respect among competitors.

This article examines the do's and don'ts of arm wrestling etiquette, offering valuable insights for new and experienced arm wrestlers.


Understanding the Basics

The Arm Wrestling Setup

Understanding the basics of arm wrestling is crucial before delving into the do's and don'ts. Competitors sit across from each other, placing their elbows on a padded table and gripping a peg with their non-wrestling hand.

The aim is to lower your opponent's hand and wrist to the table while keeping your own above the designated pin line.

Gripping Techniques

Gripping is crucial in arm wrestling. Techniques such as the hook, top roll, and press are essential. Arm wrestlers should be knowledgeable about these techniques and ready to adjust to their opponent's style.


The Do's of Arm Wrestling Etiquette

Respect Your Opponent

Respect is essential for your arm wrestling journey. Shake hands with your opponent before and after the match, displaying sportsmanship regardless of the result. Keep in mind, your opponent is also striving to measure their strength, just like you.

Maintain a Fair Grip

Ensure that your thumb knuckles are visible when gripping. Concealing them may provide an unfair advantage. A proper grip is essential for upholding integrity in the sport.

Keep Your Elbow on the Pad

Maintain contact between your elbow and the pad during the entire match. Lifting your elbow is considered a foul. Stay rooted and rely on your strength to communicate.

Follow the Referee's Instructions


Observe the referee's commands and wait for the signal before proceeding. Failure to follow the referee's instructions may result in disqualification.

The Don'ts of Arm Wrestling Etiquette

No Foul Language or Taunting

Arm wrestling must be conducted with respect, refraining from using offensive language or taunting your opponent. Always maintain a professional and sportsmanlike attitude.

Avoid Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct, like aggressively slamming your opponent's hand down after winning, is deemed unacceptable. Display grace and humility upon victory.

Don't Cheat

Cheating is unacceptable in arm wrestling. This involves the use of foreign substances on your hand or arm, which can give you an unfair advantage. Practice fair and honest competition.


Sportsmanship and Grace in Victory or Defeat

Maintain humility even in victory. Acknowledge your opponent's skill with grace and respect. Avoid excessive celebration.

Injuries and Safety Precautions

Recognizing Warning Signs

Arm wrestling can be intense and injuries may occur. Pay attention to warning signs like sharp pain or discomfort, and cease immediately if you encounter them.

Seeking Medical Attention

Promptly seek medical attention if you sustain an injury. Neglecting injuries can result in more severe issues in the future.

The Role of the Referee

The referee's role is crucial in guaranteeing equitable gameplay. They have the responsibility of initiating and ending the match, overseeing grip positions, and enforcing the regulations. Always show deference towards the referee's judgments.

Arm Wrestling Etiquette Around the World

Various cultures may possess distinct customs and etiquette in regards to arm wrestling. Examine the global perspectives and practices of arm wrestling.


Arm wrestling is more than a test of strength; it demonstrates sportsmanship, skill, and respect. By following arm wrestling etiquette, you can fully enjoy this thrilling sport and gain the admiration of your competitors.

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