The Top 8 Exercises to Build a Chest

The Top 8 Exercises to Build a Chest

There are dozens of exercises you could do on chest day, but you probably don't want to spend your entire day doing them all. You just want to know the best exercises to build your chest. Overall we want to be sure our chest exercises include:

  • Ease of learning and performing
  • Total muscle stimulation and intensity
  • Popularity among top lifters
  • Availability of equipment in gyms or at-home gym equipment

In this blog, we will review the chest exercises we think are the best to integrate into your chest days.

note* be sure to warm up your muscles before you begin :)

8 Best Chest Exercises


  • 8. Cable Iron Cross

The iron cross is a gymnastics classic, but when performed in a cable tree can be great for physique development too. This exercise stretches your chest muscles from the start and takes you through a large range of motion for better chest-building potential.

HOW TO: Set the handles at both ends of the cable machine at the highest level. Stand in the centre with a staggered stance and take hold of both handles. Lean your torso forward keeping your spine neutral, and bend your elbows slightly too. Keeping your core tight, pull both handles down and across your body and squeeze the chest muscles at the end of the movement." (Healthline, 2022)

And there you have it! Our ideal exercises for your chest day. Comment below your faves and which ones you stick to the most on chest day.

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