The Pro's and Con's of Pre-workout supplement

The Pro's and Con's of Pre-workout supplement

When it comes to workout out, many of us have those days when we feel like we have no energy. A supplement like pre-workout can often give that boost of energy to make your workout more focused and productive, Then afterwards, of course, make sure you eat a high-protein meal.

Today pre-workout supplements often come in the form of powders, pills or pre-mixed drinks (cans/bottles). The supplement industry is flooded with options for you to choose from. 

The Pros and Cons of Pre-Workout Supplements

PRO: You might feel more energetic and alert.

Many pre-workout mixes have a high amount of caffeine to add a little bounce to your step. “Caffeine’s proven to help with your energy, because it stimulates the nervous system, which makes your exercise feel less taxing and makes you feel more peppy,” says Matthew Kadey, RD, a registered dietician in Ontario and author of "Rocket Fuel". But remember to watch your dose! Too much caffeine isn't good.  (Daily Burn, 2022)

CON: The drink could make you jittery.

Forget about blasting through your workout if you feel like your heart is about to beat out of your chest. “Some people can have adverse reactions to stimulants,” says Kadey. Your best bet, he says, is trial and error. Be especially cautious with drinks that add a second stimulant to the caffeine, like guarine. (Daily Burn, 2022)

PRO: They can enhance your power and help you push it for longer.

Some pre-workout supplements have creatine, which can pump up your power and improve training results, particularly during aerobic drills. Though it sounds like something that would appeal to bodybuilders only, creatine has also been shown to boost the performance of endurance athlete. It helps them reach peak power output by potentially delaying your fatigue. (Daily Burn, 2022)

CON: You don’t know what you’re getting.

“For the average population, the extra sugar could be worrisome.”

Sometimes you’ll notice an icon on a product’s label designating that it’s been certified by a third-party, like the NSF (National Science Foundation). But typically, these supplements aren’t regulated by a government agency and don’t need to meet strict guidelines for what goes into the product.  (Daily Burn, 2022)

PRO: They can help deliver more oxygen to your muscles.

Seek out the words “nitric oxide” on a supplement’s label. This ingredient may help you go strong through a tough session likely by widening the blood vessels, which, in turn, delivers more oxygen to your muscles so you can perform at your peaks. (Daily Burn, 2022)

CON: You might gain weight.

Part of the energy boost packed in these pre-workout mixes comes from a big helping of sugar. “The sugar is beneficial and necessary for really high-level athletes, but for the average population, the extra sugar could be worrisome,”. You dont want to have too much sugar in your diet, especially if you are cutting. (Daily Burn, 2022)

PRO: They can reduce muscle breakdown.

Another common ingredient in pre-workout drinks: amino acids. Some research has shown that these protein compounds can reduce the amount your muscles break down during exercise, so you can bounce back from an intense session faster. Similarly, drinks with tart cherry juice can benefit your muscles by helping to reduce soreness. (Daily Burn, 2022)

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