What You Need For Arm Wrestling

What You Need For Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling Gear and Equipment: What You Need to Get Started

Arm wrestling is a challenging sport that pits two individuals in a test of strength and technique. Successful arm wrestling requires proper gear and equipment for safety and a fair playing field. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned arm wrestler, this guide will help you choose the essential equipment you need.

The Arm Wrestling Table

Dimensions and Specifications

The arm wrestling table serves as the focal point of the sport. It is essential to follow the precise dimensions and specifications mandated by arm wrestling governing bodies.

Dimensions of a standard arm wrestling table are 40x36x32 inches. Ensure the table is robust and well-built to endure the force applied in matches.

Gripping Surfaces

The table has gripping surfaces that enable arm wrestlers to secure their grip during a match. These surfaces offer sufficient traction without causing discomfort or injury to the competitors.

Quality Construction

Purchase a durable arm wrestling table made from hardwood or steel for optimal quality. This ensures safety and fairness during matches and avoids accidents caused by table collapse.

Arm Wrestling Pads

Arm Pads

Arm pads protect forearms during arm wrestling. They reduce friction and prevent skin abrasions. Various materials available, popular choices: foam, leather.

Elbow Pads

Elbow pads provide protection for the elbows during intense arm wrestling matches. They are made of padded materials that absorb impact and minimize the chance of bruises or strains.

Wrist Pads

Wrist pads provide wrist support, promoting proper hand and wrist alignment. They are essential for arm wrestlers seeking to prevent wrist injuries and maintain a robust and stable grip.

Arm Wrestling Straps

Purpose and Function

Arm wrestling straps ensure competitors start the match on equal footing by securely wrapping their hands and wrists. Strategically placing the straps adds an advantage.

Types of Straps

There are several types of arm wrestling straps, such as buckle and Velcro options. Buckle straps offer adjustability and a secure fit, while Velcro straps are known for their quick and easy usage.

Proper Usage

Mastering the correct application of arm wrestling straps is vital for fair competition. It is imperative to comprehend the rules and regulations concerning strap usage in arm wrestling matches.

Grip Enhancers


Chalk is a commonly employed tool for arm wrestlers to improve their grip by reducing hand moisture, resulting in a stronger hold on their opponent's hand. Its ease of application and ability to make a substantial impact on match outcomes are noteworthy.

Grip Strengthener

Maximize arm wrestling success with a focus on grip strength. Utilizing grip strengtheners enhances hand and forearm strength, providing a competitive advantage.

Protective Gear

Elbow Guards

Elbow guards offer enhanced elbow protection and are particularly beneficial during intense training sessions and extended practice matches.

Wrist Supports

Wrist supports provide added stability and support to the wrist joint, minimizing the chance of strains and injuries.

Attire for Arm Wrestling


Utilize comfortable clothing that permits unrestricted arm movement. Restrictive sleeves or shirts can impede performance.


Select athletic shoes that provide excellent traction for optimal stability during matches. Avoid footwear with slippery soles.

Training Equipment

Practice Tables

Enhance your arm wrestling abilities by acquiring practice tables designed for training purposes. These versatile tables can be easily set up in your home or dedicated training space.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are versatile tools that effectively build arm and wrist strength. They are ideal for targeted arm wrestling exercises.

Arm Wrestling Accessories


A scoreboard aids in monitoring match progression and scores. It is a valuable apparatus for structured competitions and training sessions.


A timer maintains fair play by accurately timing matches and preventing disputes.

Maintenance and Care


Maintain regular cleaning and sanitization of your arm wrestling equipment to prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria, particularly in communal areas.

Equipment Inspection

Ensure safety and fair competition by inspecting your gear. Look for signs of wear and tear and replace any damaged or worn-out components.


Arm wrestling necessitates proper gear and equipment for secure and equitable competition. Regardless of your experience level, investing in quality arm wrestling equipment is crucial to enhance performance and fully enjoy the sport.

Keep in mind that safety, proper technique, and good sportsmanship are your top priorities in your arm wrestling journey. With the correct equipment and unwavering dedication, you can attain success in this exhilarating sport.

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