EAC Franchise

EAC Franchise Application


Question 1. Which country do you want to open the Franchise in?

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List: all European countries, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Japan, Korea


Question 2. Are you interested in importing Armwrestling Equipment, Home Workout Equipment, or both?

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List: Armwrestling, Home Workout, Both


Question 3. How did you hear about Ezreal Armwrestling Club?

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Question 4. Do you have any Franchise or relevant experience?

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Question 5. Why did you choose Ezreal Armwrestling Club for a Franchise opportunity?

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Question 6. What is the current states of your available finances and how much are you willing to invest into the Franchise?

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Question 7. When are you able to start and become a Franchisee?

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Franchise Details:


Initial Franchise fee: $2000USD (This covers the creation of your own website that will resembles ours, implementation of Shopify and all associated apps, education of Shopify backend and how to manage it)


We will create, structure, optimize, and manage Advertisement Campaigns and funnels through various channels including Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram for just the cost of ad spend. Once you are spending more than $5000USD per month on ad spend with us we will charge 10% of your total ad spend for the management of the campaigns. This allows you some time to grow your business and not worry about the management an upfront costs of advertising.